Fish of the Week

Fish of the Week



Eric Hamilton of Gilbert caught a 12-pound largemouth bass at Canyon Lake, Eric used a live night crawler.


A 4-pound, 10 ounce Rainbow trout was caught at Sunrise lake by Curtis Ives of Phoenix. This was one of five fish totaling 22 pounds caught on the day! Curtis used a silver Kastmaster. 22 pounds of trout, now that's a good day!


A 36 pound Amur Carp (Grass Carp) was caught in Encanto Park. The fish just missed the state record of 40 pounds, 3.68 ounces, probably had a couple of golfballs in him!! Gotta love golf course fishin'. At night that is!!


A 12 pound Largemouth Bass was caught at Canyon Lake by Jason Bennet of Tempe. Bennet caught the largemouth on a 8 inch "Bass Trix" in a rainbow trout pattern, he released the fish.

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