Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips & Tricks


Fishing Hooks

A good way to tell if a fishing hook needs sharpening is to drag its point across your thumbnail. If the point doesn't snag a bit, the hook is too dull. And if the hook shows any sign of rust, throw it out.

Slow Fishing?

Try this:
Break several slices of bread into pieces and lower them over the side of your boat in a mesh type of bag weighted with a stone. Shake the bag often to release crumbs into the water. This should attract baitfish, which should also attract hungry gamefish. (Source: Field & Stream)

Fishing for a Boat?

When shopping for a boat factor in your vehicle's towing capacity. A small vehicle might be able to pull a heavy rig down the highway, but it will struggle up hills and a steep boat ramp. (Source: Bass Anglers Sportsman Society).