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The Sedona Vortex Experience

Sedona has become recognized world-wide as a spiritual and psychic energy center. The New Age movement recognizes four energy centers within Sedona—known as vortexes. These are locations that stimulate a person's subconscious, making them more perceptive to the power within and around them, as well as past-life memories. If you choose to visit any of the vortexes, be prepared, as this is a high-desert environment. Bring plenty of water (especially during the warmer summer months) and wear appropriate clothing. Hiking boots are recommended.

Airport Mesa Vortex:
Take airport road about a quarter of a mile up, there is a pull out place to the right park there and hike up to the bench that over looks the valley. The vortex is about 100 yards in diameter, and can be felt all around this hill. This is an electric vortex.

Bell Rock Vortex:
Go south on 89A towards the Village of Oak Creek. You can miss it in the shape of a bell, there are several areas to pull off. The area of the vortex spreads out around the base. This is also an electric vortex.

Boynton Canyon Vortex:
Take Dry Creek Road to Boynton Canyon and follow the signs about one and half miles. On your right you will see a well marked parking area park here. To the north of the parking lot is the trail head you will hike about a mile and you should start to feel this one. This is the largest vortex and extends several miles up the canyon. The vortex is electromagnetic.

Cathedral Rock Vortex:
Go west on 89A towards Cottonwood and take Red Rock Loop Road. Follow the signs to Crescent Moon Ranch. This is a state park open daily from 9 A. M - 8 P. M The vortex is magnetic.

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