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Bartlett lake is located in Tonto National Forest, just outside of Phoenix. North of Bartlett about 15 miles is Horseshoe Lake, both are connected by a stream. Around both these lakes are many Pay-Per camping areas. They have campsites with picnic tables, grills and concrete firepits all set up for easy camping. These sites are especially great for families with kids and also for those who don't think roughing it is very fun!

I on the other hand think roughing it is the way to go. Those of you with me there are many places where even a compact car can make it, however, further down Catfish Point a 4x4 is recommended. There is a nice stream through out the area for playing in or fishing. If you continue past these areas there is a place called Catfish Point which is right beneath the Horseshoe Lake Dam, This is a great little fishing hole if you like big Flathead Catfish.

Bartlett Lake:
Leaving Phoenix area:
Take Pima Road, which goes N-S through Scottsdale,North as far as you can through Carefree, then take a right on Cave Creek Road. Go down Cave Creek Road for about 10-15 miles then take a right on Bartlett Lake Road(Beware: some of the Tonto National forest Maps call it Horseshoe Dam road) Then if you continue down the road you will see signs for Bartlett lake.

Horseshoe Lake:
If you take a left before you get there on Horseshoe Dam road this will take you North and there are campsites down on this road. Note: It is a dirt road and kinda bumpy. Definitely possible with a compact car but it is a bumpy ride. I suggest a truck with or without 4 wheel capabilities.
Enjoy and Good Luck!

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